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Model A Ford Books
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Model A Restoration Manual 1928-31. Contains basic information to acquaint you with data in all respects to the Model A. 72 pages, 29 illustrations & photos.

Model A Service Bulletins. A compilation of the factory bulletins as supplied to the dealers. 320 pages, 500 illustrations. Hardbound.

The Model a Ford as Henry Built ItThe Ford Model A as Henry Built It. A wealth of positive information drawn from the Ford archives for enthusiasts. Authors:  George DeAngelis, Edward P. Francis, Leslie R. Henry, August, 1983. 246 pages. Hardcover.

Model A Restoration & Maintenance Handbook: Vol. 1Model A Restoration & Maintenance Handbook: Volume #1. A great reference for 1928-31 restorations. Author: Paul Moller, January, 1991. 58 pages, 73 illustrations. Paperback.

Model A Restoration & Maintenance Handbook: Volume #2
Model A Restoration & Maintenance Handbook: Volume #2.A great guide for restorations. Author: Paul Moller, 1984. 59 pages, 115 illustrations. Paperback.

The Model A Ford CarburetorsThe Model A Ford Carburetors. A history of the various styles including rebuilding, testing, and operation of venturi, Zenith-Holley and Tillotson Model X. Author: Paul Moller, unabridged 1931. 40 pages, 53 illustrations. Paperback.

Restoring Model A & B Carburetors the 'Rex' Reheis WayRestoring Model A & B Carburetors the 'Rex' Reheis Way. Full color, spiral bound, 8 1/2" x 11." Acknowledged as THE book on the Zenith 4 cyl. carburetor, 1928-34. Author: Gordon Biggar. 68 pages.

Tillotson Carburetors Repair & Restoration BookTillotson Carburetors Repair & Restoration. Model A Ford 1928-31. Spiral bound with more than 50 illustrations. Author: David R. Hatch. 

Model A Ford Restoration HandbookModel A Ford Restoration Handbook. A step-by-step guide for the novice providing valuable input towards restoration of the 'A'. Author: Gordon Hopper, 1966, 2014. 160 pages. 42 photos. 64 illustrations. Paperback.

Antique Ford Repaint Manual 1928-1936. Complete color chip guide to authentic colors for the Fords. 16 pages, 55 illustrations & 30 photos.
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