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Model T Ford Books
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Model T Service & Repair Manual 1909-27. The "Bible" for the Model T man. Original book by company for all Model T years. 320 pages, 577 illustration, shipping added when packed and weighed.

Ford Price List of Body Parts 1915-27. This is the most complete of Model T body parts' lists including the T Pickup & truck. 93 pages, 37 illustrations, shipping added when packed and weighed.

Windshield & Glass Specifications 1915-27. Deminsions & diagrams for the truck and passenger car. 14 pages, 47 illustrations, shipping added when packed and weighed.

The Legendary Model T Ford. This book marks the 100th birthday of the Model T Ford. 300 superb color and black & white pics of current restorations and pictures from the early 1900's. Includes production data specification & collector values.

Ford to Frisco. Written by J. Smith Walsh. 41 Pages, each, 1909-27

Model T Memories 1909-27. Relates experiences one might have with the Model T. Data and information. 112 pages, 59 photos

Floyd Clymer's Historical Motor Scrapbook. Photos & early ads about the Model T. 229 pages, 250 photos

Model T Owner's Supply Book 1909-27. Information on Model T accessories & replacement parts. 128 pages, 1,000 illustrations

Model T Restoration Handbook. The first book to get into Model T rebuilding. Written by Les Henry, a former Ford curator. 181 pages, 156 illustrations.

Model T Service Bulletins 1909-27. A reprint of orginal Model T service bulletins as issued by Ford. 520 pages, 900 illustrations
Displaying 1 - 10 of 34 
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