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V-8 Ford Books
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Ford Deluxe and Super Deluxe Reference Book 1941. Covers maintenance & specifications of the year model.

Ford Deluxe and Super Deluxe Passenger Car Reference Book 1942. Manual with lube charts & wiring diagrams. 64 pages.

1944-1952 Ford Body Parts Catalog. Assists in determining which part fits which body style. Includes line drawings, descriptions, etc. 464 pages, 145 illustrations

How to Build a Flathead Ford V8. Salutes the flathead as the inspiration for Hot Rodders. 250 full color photos, detailed clearance info on 220 pages.

Hot Rods in the Forties. A candid look at hot rodding in the 40's through the photo albums of the rodders. Includes info about the cars, owners, clubs, etc. 283 photos, 144 pages. Hardbound

Hot Rods As They Were. The evolution of various styles of hot rods. 160 pages, 301 photos.

Hot Rod Memories.Tells & shows hot rodder's activities. 178 pages, 355 photos

Authentic Hot Rods. Back to the 'Good Old Days' of hot rodding. 208 pages, 502 photos

Old Hot Rods Scrapbook. Loaded with photos from the early 30's to the mid-50's. Great reference book on hot rodders and their creations. Hardbound. 575+ photos, 192 pages.

Operator's Manual - 1946 Ford Passenger Car, Models 69A & 6GA. 44 pages, 17 illustrations.
Displaying 41 - 50 of 60 
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