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 A-16006-C - Left front steel fender 1930-31

Right front fender, steel, plain, '30-31 Ford Model AFront Fender. Left side. Plain. Die stamped steel. Made in the U.S.A. cut from Gaslight's dies. Each sold separately, 1930-31. Shipping added when packed and weighed. (Click to enlarge image).
Gaslight also recommends:
A-16025-B --  Front fender bracket, stamped steel, U.S.A. (2 needed)
A-16021 -- Fender to bracket bolt set, stainless steel, for front or rear fenders, 1928-32
A-16026 -- Front fender bracket to frame bolt set.
For 1930:
A-16051-R -- Front fender shield, left hand with side mount hole.
Detail Image:
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Steel front fender plain 1930-31 Ford Model A